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Kylie Jane, xo


Posted by harboursmoke
Sep 08, 2020
had the great pleasure of meeting Miss Kylie Jane, for the first time, today. I really wish I could figure out why I waited so long. Beautiful and intelligent woman. Engaging and good conversationalist. She had my attention from the moment I walked in and was able to keep her and us as my focus and not let my mind wonder. The service is some of the best I have experienced in a very long time. Gentlemen her accolades go well beyond my input, but you would do very well to reach out and set up an appointment. I simply cannot wait until next time @KylieJane! Thank you so much for the great time.
Posted by Stephenber
Sep 04, 2020
Kylie Jane is one of the sexiest warm and comforting women l know. She made me feel special and I very much enjoyed my time with her. I will be seeing her again very soon, thank you Kylie.
Posted by RayRenpelle
May 28, 2020
I had the privilege of visiting Kylie Jane! It had been a while since my last visit! What a pleasant experience of which I had no doubt! She was beautifully dressed and greeted me with her sweet smile. She is a gorgeous woman. I know I can't take my eyes of her when I am with her. We had a great conversation, so easy to talk with. She certainly knows how to make you feel at ease! Her in call location is great. She has all that is necessary to make sure that all is clean and safe. We can show her some respect by following her wishes as to our own cleanliness and personal hygiene. Something that only takes minutes can assure a great visit and experience with her. She wants to please and if one is nice, respectful and capable of showing appreciation she will reward you many fold. I visited Kylie several times. I never regretted it. She has a fabulous body. She works hard at keeping fit and it pays off as she is a delight to see. I plan to continue seeing as often as possible. She is a lady who, after a visit, you want to turn around and go right back to her. Kylie Jane, you are a wonderful woman! I can only wish for the best for you! I can't wait for my next visit as each seems better. Take care!!!
Posted by RayRenpelle
Dec 10, 2019
We are nearing the end of this year! I feel I should write something a SP I met at the beginning of the year. She is Kylie Jane. I met her on her first day back after the Holidays last year. I was totally new to this. Literally knew nothing about it. Kylie Jane showed patience, understanding and a genuine desire to help me learn about the industry, being a hobbyist, proper etiquette and many other dos and don'ts. She helped me accept the negativity of others and not give in to would be bullies. She is always a pleasure to see. Always well dressed and smiling. Welcoming with warm kisses and hugs. I do not speak of our intimate time but after a year I am still smiling! Through her I was introduced to duo with two other great ladies Ms Charlotte Quinn and DirtyblondeStephanie. And the ultimate treat with a trio of all three ladies together! Kylie Jane is eager to please. She loves what she is doing and does it well. You always feel welcome and warm with her. Although I would love to keep her as my secret I must that she is a lady to be put on a must see list. No regrets for sure. Thank you Kylie Jane for a great year and showing me the ropes!!!
Posted by Lookingfor
Nov 05, 2019
Went out today to see Kylie Jane in my eyes one of the most beautiful lady's out there. The word exciting was made for describing this lady. It's been awhile since I have seen her, am I sorry I haven't seen her sooner you bet your sweet ass I am. How do you describe time spend with a lady that makes your body feel excitement like no other. If you would like to feel excitement like no other, My God thank you for Kyle Jane. Thank you for your time Kylie it is always a pleasure to see you. Nov.- 5 - 2PM.
Posted by RayRenpelle
Aug 15, 2019
I had been away for most of July so I felt I needed more time with Kylie Jane. I did that today. Even though this was a shorter visit than usual Kylie knew how to make use of the time. She always look so good. Her warm welcome is the best. She wore a beautiful midthigh dress with a bit of a plunging neckline. Her choice of lingerie is spectacular. You almost want her to keep it on. She was very good at making use of the time and our physical contact was awesome. So nice to be with her and have in my arms. Just a note: I never discuss intimate, private matters with anyone nor do I speak about donations made. Those things are between me and Kylie only! What Kylie and I do with our time is beautiful but for us only! The same applies for any other SP I may see! I already booked another visit with Kylie, this time with no time constraint! Loving it already
Posted by RayRenpelle
Jun 27, 2019
I have had the pleasure of visiting Kylie Jane again this afternoon> Only this time it was in a duo visit with DirtyblondeStephanie. ! This was my second in a duo visit with these two ladies. Being new to the hobby I had approached the first with all kinds of baggage on my mind. But it had not taken very long for Kylie and Stephanie to make feel at ease. This second time was absolutely delightful! There is a chemistry between these two ladies . Their interaction between each other and me was beautiful. You put two of the most beautiful providers in the same room you know only good things will happen. They always have a smile for you and always make sure that you are participating fully and with satisfaction. I will not go into their physical description or to what extent went but I will say this. Kylie's blonde hair and tanned body and Stephanie's red hair and fair skin along with their warm, outgoing personalities make them treasures to be sought. I have been visiting Kylie Jane on a regular basis always with great satisfaction. I could always go back the very next day just to see more of her. Now I have the added pleasure of being able to add Stephanie to my visits ..I do not know how it could get any better .I appreciate both these ladies and will see much more of them!!!
Posted by politegeek
Jun 27, 2019
I've had the opportunity to see Kylie a couple of times, and I'm definitely glad I did. Booking was easy and painless. Her incall location is in a convenient part of the city, easy to find, and very clean. As others here have said, Kylie is quite beautiful, sensual, and a great conversationalist. Our conversation flowed naturally, and she had me feeling at ease in no time. She seems like an incredibly sweet and genuine person. Both of my visits had me leaving with a giant smile on my face. She definitely knows what she's doing, and she oozes enthusiasm. She was also very passionate during my visits. I would strongly recommend this lovely lady's company to others.
Posted by RayRenpelle
Jun 07, 2019
Yesterday, June 6, was a wet and very rainy day! So on the spur of the moment I decided to contact Kylie Jane to see if she was able to see me in the afternoon> I usually pre-book my visits. It was an incall day for her. She texted me back and to my delight we were able to set up a visit. Best decision I made that day! Just to walk in her room and see this bright, smiling woman looking at you is enough to lift anyone's spirit. When you see her golden hair, her sparkling blue eyes, the hour glass shape of a beautiful woman with all the right curves, then you know it will be a great afternoon. She has a body that you just want to keep looking at!!! We always have great discussions and our physical intimacy is the greatest. She seems to know my needs and always does her utmost to please me. What a great lady to spend time with. Never enough time
Posted by RayRenpelle
Jun 04, 2019
I hesitated for a long time in writing this. I felt I could not say more than what has already been said about Kylie Jane! I am totally new to this "hobby"(recently widowed) so I was nervous, shy and hesitant about contacting anyone. And more so after two failed attempts. But after reading the information about Kylie Jane and reading the reviews I decided to text her. She informed me that she was on her vacation for the holidays and when she would be back.. So I contacted her then and set up a time for our first meeting. I was pleased. I lived a good distance away from Halifax but her location was easy to find, lots of parking. I was both excited and nervous when I knocked on her door. She greeted me with the most beautiful smile I ever saw then a hug and a kiss. Me shaking in my shoes the whole time. We talked for a while so she got to know some about me. She quickly knew how to make feel more comfortable and less nervous about my visit. She is so understanding and eager to do the right things for you. We soon got to the intimate part of my visit and I totally enjoyed! The time was up way too fast. She never looked at the clock and did not seem to worry about it but I did. I never looked back after this first visit. I was back for her next incall day and have been visiting her regularly since. I find that when I am with her I become totally immersed in the moment. Her room becomes my world and nothing else outside the door matters. The length of my visits are getting longer but yet time just flies by. She gets to know me and I get to know her and our intimate time seems so much more gratifying. I have a lot of appreciation, respect and admiration for Kylie Jane which she deserves. I have not sought the company of another provider (except on one special occasion) nor do I intend to even though she never discourages me from doing so. I hope to be able to continue seeing Kylie Jane for along time. She is well worth it. Got to be good to a classy lady like Kylie. I will be seeing her many more times yet
posted by josh2626
May 28, 2019
Saw Kylie for the second time a few months ago and it was even better than the first time. Don't know what to add that's not already been said other than if you haven't seen her you're missing out!
Posted by clearbluesky15
May 11, 2019
Wow, had a chance to see KJ again. She is such a delight. Great body, nice person, great conversation, wonderful girl friend experience. I really can't think what could be better ???? Looking forward to my next visit.
Posted by Webster
Jan 26, 2019
Kylie Jane is more of a GFE than many a girlfriend!
Posted by Mick500
Jan 04, 2019
A blonde goddess. Awesome body, great boobs, great ass and a very fit body... Personality/Attitude: Super friendly, easy to talk too and a very nice person... Report: Her body rocked and how she looked in lingerie my cock got hard and stayed there. Beautiful, great ass and boobs and knows how to use her body. Her skills were awesome, she really seems to love what she does and her lips on my cock were amazing. Overall perfect.
Posted by MassageLover-613
Dec 14, 2018
I saw the wonderful Kylie Jane today again. Must be 3 or 4 times now and it gets better every time. wonderful lady, incredible skills and sooooo much fun!!!
Posted by Lookingfor
Sep 22, 2018
A may be late on this recognition for a woman that is amazing and gives the ultimate S.P. experience you will remember for quite a few days afterwards. Her name is Kylie Jane I've been with her quite a few times now, How Kylie Jane makes being with her better and better each time your with her just blows my mind. I enjoy every minute of this woman's company. She makes you feel complete the excitement your body receives from Kylie is something that your body is looking for at the end of a long day, if you enjoy touching the silky smooth skin of a beautiful sexy woman.???? and excited about the fact that you will be doing things with this lady that you only dream about then you should think hard ((no pun intended)) about seeing this treasure. Ladies of Kylie Janes caliber do not come into your life every day so get out and experience play time with someone who loves to play. Thank you for letting me have an experience that I will not forget Kylie Jane. SEPT - 20 - 9:30PM
Posted by hoffmanps13
Sep 08, 2018
I have now been with Kylie Jane twice. I cannot get her out of my mind, she is as advertised. She makes your heart melt the moment you walk in the door. She is a great conversationalist and makes you feel that you have known her for a long time. When it comes down to the physical stuff, she is truly amazing. So much so, I will never see another service provider except her. You will enjoy every moment with Kylie Jane.
Posted by Lookingfor
Aug 10, 2018
Went out last night to see Kylie Jane something i should have done alot sooner. This lady is absolutely amazing she makes you feel so comfortable, then after you become comfortable she rocks your world, her body is absolutely incredible. I've seen Kylie a few times and it just gets better and better, Kylie is like a little boy's fantasy then all of a sudden becomes reality and the reality is she just makes sex perfect. She does not stop until you are satisfied she is one incredible lady and I do mean lady.???? Enter Kylie's world you will never forget you will only remember don't hesitate she will definitely please you. Kylie you are a very special lady thank for letting me spend time with you and putting a smile on my face which will be there for sometime. The glass of wine will always become an incredible time, thank you Kylie for being you. August 10 - 9:30PM
Posted by GChrome
Jul 18, 2018
Fantastic, Sensual, Sexy and Sultry. These are the words I would use to describe this beauty! ZERO hesitation, go see her, you will NOT be disappointe
Posted by Phenom13
Jun 08, 2018
Description of Provider: Gorgeous mature blonde. Tight bod... Personality/Attitude: Sweet genuine person. Easy to talk to.... Report: Terrific experience with great full service and accommodated my request for finishing all over her pretty face. Will return again and again.
Posted by ppsscorp
May 30, 2018
Description of Provider: Gorgeous... Personality/Attitude: Awesome... Report: She never fails to amaze me. She is awesome
Posted by Ozzy3344
May 30, 2018
Description of Provider: Kylie is beautiful, body of a goddess... Personality/Attitude: Easy going true GFE... Report: Kylie Jane will rock your world, make your head spin. When its all over she can hold a conversation. All i can say is WOW.
Posted by shelley88
Apr 06, 2018
I have been away , from the SP world for a little while and decided that i would try Kylie. Based on what was said she seemed very interesting. Well gentlemen this lady is a PRO. She has it all and then some. I was relaxed,entertained and satisfied. I will be returning ASAP.
Posted by bd2699
Feb 09, 2018
I met Kylie yesterday and she was absolutely fantastic. I was new to everything, but Kylie took her time with me and made it an experience worthwhile. I could not recommend her enough. She is kind, beautiful, sensual and great at keeping a conversation. For anyone thinking of seeing her, do not be afraid to ask her to do something; she loves to please you. Overall, I had a perfect time with her and will have to see her again. Until next time...
Posted by Lookingfor
Feb 06, 2018
Went out to meet for a rendezvous last night with an escort, i should have wrote something about this wonderful lady the first time i met with her, but who would of thought the second time would be better than the first. This lady's name is Kylie Jane when you're with her you feel like you've known her forever, she is a fantastic lady that has the ability to make you feel so comfortable. Oh did i mention the fact that she has one of the most fantastic bodies you will ever see, let me put it to you this way she is not hard on the eyes, your eyes will thank you for what they see. You hear people talking about a mold that was broke after this person was made, well let me tell you i hope they don't break the Kylie Jane mold because when this lady is gone she will be very hard to replace. Kylie Jane is so very good at what she does i went in hopes of having a good time, but i was wrong i had my night shaking up so very good i had a hard time not thing about her all day today,so if you have not seen this lady you should really think about making the time to have your world shaking up a bit with a lady of her caliber there will be no disappointment. A Glass Of Wine That Became A Very Good Time. THANK YOU Kylie Jane....FEB.5-11PM
Posted by Gunboy1
Feb 04, 2018
Description of Provider: Exactly like the pictures... Personality/Attitude: Great attitude and nice conversation... Report: Incredible evening!
posted by Mikeyeats
Jan 25, 2018
Description of Provider: Blonde with a great body, wonderful ass and boobs... Personality/Attitude: Outgoing, friendly... Report: Location was good, she is just like her pics. Very nice attitude and great skills
Posted by sex addict69
Jan 23, 2018
Description of Provider: She look like a blonde bombshell, very pretty... Personality/Attitude: She had an awesome personality... Report: She opened the door, looked very hot. Loves daty, and tastes very delicious. Great with bbbj. Likes her ass played with while dinning at the y. Gives a real gfe experience.
Posted by 234
Jan 23, 2018
Description of Provider: Stunning firm body... Personality/Attitude: Very upbeat and willing to do anything !... Report: Sucked cock like a champ and drained every drop !
Posted by RhinestoneCowboy
Dec 18, 2017
I agree. She's awesome! I can't wait to see her again!
Posted by wsazili
Dec 18, 2017
I finally had the pleasure of seeing Kylie Jane a few days ago. She more than lived up to her reputation and I was so glad to have made the decision to see her. You get a nice cozy, comfortable environment and she puts you at ease immediately. The location is very convenient. I felt like I had known her for ages, like an old friend. The communication with her prior to the date was very easy. She replies in a timely manner and there were no hassles whatsoever in arranging a date. Kylie is very accommodating and I suspect that the word "No" is not in her dictionary. Let's just say that all my fantasies and expectations were fulfilled and I left with a big satisfied smile. To anyone thinking of seeing Kylie - I say - go ahead. You will be happy you did.
Posted by Metalsmith
Dec 17, 2017
Much has been written about Kylie, and I'm pleased to add my confirmation of everything written here. Her photos are completely accurate, but they fail to convey her delightful personality. The messages we exchanged were clear, both here and by text message. Quick responses during 'normal' hours is to be anticipated based on my experience. Her in-call location is a local hotel, but it was an easy location to get to, and a nice safe environment. When she opened the door to me, it was a smiling face and a warm open invitation that greeted me. I will not 'tell tales out of school' about any of the details, that's a matter that you're best off experiencing in person yourself. I will state that I left with a smile, and that it is my intent to be a returning customer, when finances and schedules align!
Posted by Rocksmith
Dec 02, 2017
Description of Provider: Matches her photos exactly!... Personality/Attitude: Great attitude, very positive, very relaxed... . Report: Had a delightful time, met at the door wearing a robe....which didn't last long. The time passed enjoyably for both of us. It was a grand time, and I left feeling very satisfied with the experience!
Posted by MrBlack1
Oct 12, 2017
Description of Provider: Great looking blond and dressed impeccably. Very well presented... Personality/Attitude: Sweet, nice, always smiles and very accepting... Report: Called Kylie for her to come visit in the evening. Very easy to talk to and arrange things. Her pics don't do her justice, she is beautiful, smart, great kisser, sensual, very sexy and a perfect shape, her love making was the best I ever had. Also very fit I may add she is obviously is a gym goer. I had the best time and definitely will see her again.
Posted by scott mackie
Oct 06, 2017
Description of Provider: she was dressed beautiful,like a class doll should be. beautiful dress. shoes to match and look good enough to eat,,,so i did... Personality/Attitude: talked a little and i felt very good being with her. we clicked and it was great. great personality... Report: i was with her the 8th and 9th of sept. my 4th and 5 th time. i thaught it was worth it to be with a lady who is first class. knows how to please a man,unlike most. no complaining or in fact i never hear once for her the word -NO. she wants to please you and this in turn, makes you want to please her. when that happens all systems are go. go she can, with passion and sweet sex. she is mature and a lady, suitable to mature man . if you are a man and am mature, man with the knowledge of how to treat a sweet great,very sweet dressed women ,, wow are you in luck. she is the perfect lady for you. she is not for cheap guys .you want the best -here she is.
Posted by Benyang961
Sep 27, 2017
I have to say this was a great experience. Photos were 100% accurate and more. The care provided was fantastic. Def recommend and would repeat.
Posted by Spoolin24
Sep 22, 2017
I had the privilege to meet Kylie Jane last night. Very easy to book an appointment with her. She is super easy going and can spark up a great conversation. I must say she is a very passionate kisser and a great cuddler. I won't get into the juicy details, but fella's she is definitely a must see beautiful lady. I'll definitely go and visit her soon again, hopefully sooner! :) Kudos Kylie
Posted by Hobbian
Sep 06, 2017
Description of Provider: Very attractive and classy... Personality/Attitude: Sweet, intelligent and eager to please... Report: I have seen Kylie many times, and always leave happy and satisfied. She is keen to please, and her skills are awsome! I will certainly be visiting her as often as I can.
Posted by MassageLover-613
Aug 23, 2017
So I saw Kylie quite a while ago and had always wanted to repeat. Was able to see her just a few days ago and it was so amazing I had to see her again and it was not going to be months this time. Thanks for a great time Kylie Jane you are spectacular.
Posted by xxdjbrown
Aug 23, 2017
I have had the opportunity to see this Beautiful Lady twice now. Both times were an awesome experience. I would see her more often but unfortunately her incall location is very close to my house :) If you havent seen her yet do it. You will not regret.
Posted by Halagonian69
Jul 28, 2017
I've had the pleasure of seeing Kylie on a couple of occasions and she is simply devine! Always dressed in sexy lingerie (which never stays on very long), and looking amazing, she's super energetic and so willing to please. An exceptional kisser and very passionate, Kylie won't leave you disappointed. I won't get into the dirty details but suffice to say, she's incredible! Enjoy!
Posted by MassageLover-613
Jul 13, 2017
Even better the second time... Not sure anything more can be said but KJ is amazing and I can't wait to see her again! A favourite for sure.
Posted by kysilky
Jul 01, 2017
Always the sexy MILF.. she's beautiful, warm, perfect kisser, just seems to enjoy what she does, Making her man Completely Satisfied!
Posted by finch20
Jun 17, 2017
I was very lucky to meet Kylie recently. She exceeded all expectations! A very passionate, beautiful lady. One of the best experiences I have ever had, and I will be repeating as often as I can. Very, very highly recommended.
Posted by blunozr
Jun 12, 2017
I saw Kylie week before last - she is delicious, sexy and very skilled. She makes you feel like your girlfriend for the hour to do with whatever you wish. I'll leave it at that!
Posted by ca1111
Mar 06, 2017
Kylie is a terrific lady! amazing service!! Can't say enough good things about it her. Highly recommend!!!